About Us

OUR Mission

1)- Strongly manage staff members, especially Marketing and Sales Team to make profits for NRG and Develop new radio programs targeted the youth and all people to meet advertisers requirement and satisfaction.
2)- Conduct Event programs such as tour concert, star contest, public entertainment game show, and etc. to promote NRG branding with loyalty sponsors targeted the youth to all provinces, especially start up from the provinces with NRG Coverage areas. The sponsors will be accompany with us when we have more benefits for them with their advertising Prepared & Presented by General Manager Tel: 023 969 767 , E-mail: gm@nrg89fm.com
3)- Create a mobile NRG Flea Market selling special discount for our sponsors’ products and products from ASEAN Country member and which will be travelled to all provinces inside the kingdom of Cambodia targeted the ASEAN youth.
4)- Create NRG Charity Program to join government to help the poor, orphanage, Children, Kontebopha Hospital, Red Cross, etc. The funds will be raised from our loyalty sponsors and our networks.
5)- Create NRG Artist Training Center and Production for the youth who wish to become a famous star in signing, dancing, MCs, Modeling, Performing, etc.

Our Vision

  • NRG is the number 1 Music Radio Station in Cambodia.
  • Our philosophy: “More Music, less talk”.
  • Our tailored mix of international, Asiatic and Khmer pop is cooked by our music specialists and is brought to you with an unique professional music programming software.
  • No useless repetiton. No out of format song.