Warranties and Indemnities The Advertiser hereby warrants and agrees that:

a). Each Advertisement complies with the requirements of all relevant legislation ( including subordinate legislation, the rules of statutorily. recognised regulatory authorities and the applicable laws of The Kingdom of Cambodia). The advertiser shall notify MoveMedia of any restrictions which should be placed on the broadcastor publication of an advertisment in any territory.

b). In respect of any advertisment submitted containing the name, vocal or likeness of any living person or any vocal or representation from which or by which any living person can be identified such vocal or likenesses or representation do not infringe any intellectual Property Rights of that living person

c). The Advertisment is legal, decent, honest, and true and that it complies with all relevant advertising regulations including but not limited to those administered by or on behaft of the Authorithy

d). The advertisement will not breach or infringle the intellectual Property Right of any third party other and that in respect of such intellectual Property Rights it has previously obtained all relevant rights and permision for such use, in writing wherever required by law

e). The advertisment shall not contain any libellous, slanderous or defamatory statement, or any matter infringing the Intellectual Property Rights or right of whatever nature of third parties or invade the privacy of any third party or otherwise be in breach of English law.

f). It will indemnifyand keep MoveMedia indemnify against all actions, proceedings, cost, damages, expenses, penalties, claims, demands and liabilities arising from any breach of the above warranties or in any manner whatever in consequence of the use, recording or broadcasting of any Advertisment or any other matter suplies by or broadcast by MoveMedia for the Advertiser.

g). The Advertiser shall inform MoveMedia without delay should it become aware that the content of any Advertisment Breaches any of the warranties given in the above Clauses and and MoveMedia hereby reserve its right not to further broadcast or publise the Advertisement, with immediate effect as soon as it becomes so informed. h). If MoveMedia in its sole discretion consider that the advertiser is in breach of the warranties contained in the above clauses, MoveMedia may suspend or withdraw broadcast of the Advertisement and in such circumstances should all outstanding sums of Media Booking Fee shall be immediately payable by the Advertiser to MoveMedia.